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This is 3.5 :: Piper Leanne

DSC_0205.JPGThree is a hard age, much more difficult then two. Piper was an angel as a two year old. Her angelic qualities still shine through the majority of the time although temper tantrums take over her little body often for the smallest things. They must not be small to her, she acts like it is the end of the world kicking and screaming if things don’t go her way more often then not. I’m hoping the tantrums will start to dissolve out of fruition. I’m dreaming of the day a tantrum is a thing of the past, a life lesson I had to go throw to grow as a parent. Those tantrums sneak their way in at the least expected moments and it takes a lot of will power to bite my tongue and let her fuss to get her aggression out or to sooth her without yelling back. I often feel like I am a horrible parent because she uses tantrums to show her feelings instead of her well-versed vocabulary. I just have to tell myself this is a stage in growing up and learning to deal with emotions not only for her but also for me.


Do your kids throw jaw dropping, throw themselves to the floor, kicking and screaming temper tantrums too? Or is it just my daughter, my daughter who is always listens and never fusses for anyone else taking care of her besides her daddy or me? Any suggestions on how to curb them are appreciated!

I adamantly am writing this on one of the tougher days as a parent and reading back am filled with guilt. I shouldn’t feel this way about my beautiful, creative, smart, perfect little girl. Parenthood isn’t always easy everyone knows that but that doesn’t mean I wish it was nothing but blissful!

The majority of the day spent together is full of laughter and a loving nature. Giggles are music to my soul and help reassure me that I’m doing ok at this whole parenting thing. Three has been a challenge. Even though she is growing too quickly, I’m ready for 3.5 and crossing my fingers that it will get easier day-by-day.


Piper really is an amazing child, she is so creative and really smart. You always hear it, “Kids say the darnedest things!” Piper is no exception. I don’t want to forget her adorable personality (minus those tantrums!) and creative vocabulary as a three and a half year old.


These are just a few of the ridiculously cute things she says:

• To Piper if you agree with someone you are a “Green Bean.” I think she misheard me saying I’m not copying you, I am agreeing with you. Now agreeing is A Green Bean. They do sound alike and I LOVE this misconception!

• “Too much chocolate will make you flat.” She has no idea what fat is and I’ll keep it that way as long as I can.

• Playing basketball Piper’s routine: 1. Aim 2. Kiss the ball 3. Shoot  She says it as she does it each time trying to shoot a basket. Priceless.

• Beef Jerky no it is Beef Turkey

She is the most gracious person. When given something she likes like a piece of fresh mango she overly exaggerates how thankful to you she is. “Thank you mommy, thank you! You’re the best mommy in the world!” How can you not smile at that?

Piper is always telling us we are the best parents ever and Kenzie is the best sister she’s ever had. Even though she’s her only… 🙂 She’s definitely a Daddy’s Girl and has him wrapped around her finger.

Even with the pesky tantrums here and there she is an amazing little girl who surprises me every day with her kind heart and determined personality, her eagerness to learn and her loving nature. She is perfect the way she is. My favorite Piper on the planet!




2016-04-26 19.41.322016-04-26 19.42.07We celebrate half birthdays in our house, not with presents but with something fun. We went to the park then Piper got to pick a special dessert for her special day. She picked her favorite dessert, fruit salad with whipped cream. Can’t complain with that!

At this age every 6 months you grow and develop so quickly. We have a lot of fun documenting the journey! Each Birthday and Half birthday we ask Piper a few questions so we can remember them when she grows up. Here are her answers:

Favorite Color?  still purple, sometimes she adds in red, blue and pink to the mix.

Favorite thing to do: Play dress up

Favorite thing to play: Princesses

Favorite food: Rapberries commonly known as raspberries

Best friends: Kolton and Maddie

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Princess, Mommy, Doctor



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