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Taking Pictures

fact + fiction toysAs bloggers Danielle and I take a lot of pictures. We pretend we know what we are doing and have a lot of fun with it. We are always taking photographs of the most precious subjects, our kids.



Piper and Kolton are at the age where they absorb everything we say and do, they are little sponges being molded into who they will eventually become as adults. Three is such an impressionable age and we try our best to keep things interesting for our toddlers. Keeping imagination alive in a digital age is very important to us as parents. Playing outside exploring the world around us helps nurture their growing minds.



Taking ‘pictures’ like mommy with her wooden camera on nature hikes and at local parks  has become a new favorite game of Piper’s. She loves to “be just like mommy”. I love watching her imitate me and creatively find the beauty in the details in our surroundings.

taking pictures

Fact + Fiction Toys help to bring out the imagination within our little ones. Their handcrafted organic wooden toys are made to top notch quality. On our outings Piper always runs to grab her Fact + Fiction wooden camera when she sees me with my DSLR. She’s my little mini me and I love every second she pretends to take pictures along side of me. Taking pictures, real or pretend, is a way to tell a story, I love that Piper is learning to pull pieces from the world and make her own voice heard.

toy camera

“Say, Ice Cream! It’s way better tasting then cheese!” -Piper

I love this kid!


2 Blonde Mamas is excited to partner with Fact + Fiction Toys for a giveaway! One lucky reader will receive a $20 shop credit for anything in their store! To enter comment below with your favorite subject to photograph for real or pretend! For an extra entry head over to our Instagram page. Good Luck! xo

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  1. I love that Fact and Fiction toys is bringing back wood toys, toys that spark creativity and play. I love to take picture of landscapes.

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