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A Look into My Diaper Bag

Thank you to Skinfix Inc. for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try their Gentle Baby Collection!

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I’ve got two beautiful little girls, each with their own completely different personality and needs. Kenzie just turned one this week and Piper is three so I’ve got this diaper-bag-packing-for-two-kids thing down… finally. I have to admit it took me a while not to over-pack or under-pack the darn thing.

Getting out of the house with 2 kids is so much harder then it was when I only had one, I feel like it takes a full hour no matter where you are going or for how long. I’m trying to make a point to have my diaper bag packed and ready to go the day before we are headed anywhere, stocking it with diapers, wipes, snacks, and our Skinfix Inc. Gentle Eczema Balm the night before so we are ready to run out the door in the morning, trying is the operative word here, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like! It doesn’t matter if we are headed out for a journey to meet up with our local park group or making a quick stop at the grocery store I always end up needing something in my bag to treat itchy skin issues, clean sticky hands, or handle a potty related incident for one of my daughters and one of my kids always seems to be hungry!


So here’s what’s in my bag for 2 girls: (ages 1 and 3)

Diapers and an extra pair of underwear: I always keep at least 3 diapers in my bag so we aren’t forced to go home early if we run out. Underwear for Piper just in case! She’s been potty trained for a year now but still has an accident here and there. She also hates being wet so extra undies come in handy for spills and water play too.

Wipes: Wipes are so diverse for changes, messy hands and faces, or dropped pacis.

Baggies: For dirty wet clothes or to tie up a dirty diaper in until you can find a trash can. I’ve also used them lately for muddy shoes so my car doesn’t get destroyed after a park visit.

2016-05-26 10.35.48

Skinfix Gentle Eczema Balm: My three year old has Molluscum. I hope you’ve never heard of it. It is a nasty rash in the chicken pox family that lasts FOREVER, and I really mean forever, it can take up to 4 years to resolve itself! We’ve had her treated 3 times. This last time she finally reacted to the treatment, which is a good thing for the rash, meaning her body is starting to fight it off and it will (fingers crossed) go away soon, but a bad thing for poor Piper. She got so uncomfortable, her skin was so dried out and itchy resulting in her scratching nonstop. This is why we added the Skinfix Gentle Eczema Balm to our diaper bag and don’t take it out. You never know when she’ll get an attack of itchiness. The balm gives us both quick relief, she is happy and I am too since she is not throwing a (well warranted) fit on our outing. When the kids are in good spirits so is everyone around them. Kenzie has some dry spots too, unrelated to Molluscum, and we use the Eczema Balm on them fixing ’em up in no time. It is nice to feel good about using a product especially on such young skin. Skinfix Inc. Gentle Baby Products are made up of natural ingredients and are free of steroids, fragrance, soy, parabens and phthalates. They also have a Gentle Hair and Body Wash for eczema prone skin worth trying out. The bottom line is dry skin sucks and we do what we can to help fix it! You can pick up Skinfix Inc. Gentle Baby Products at Target and CVS.

Does your baby or toddler suffer from eczema, dry skin or Molluscum?  What are your remedies? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!



Entertainment: A couple toys always sneak their way into my bag and its a good thing! Piper and Kenzie will play with anything. I try to keep the items small so I’m not overflowing with toys.


Snacks & Sippy Cups: I always have easy snacks and water bottles for the girls but often forget to pack them for myself. I need to get better at that! Kenzie loves teething biscuits, fruit pouches, and puffs and they are easy on the go items. Piper is into bars and anything you call a snack or appetizer, when you tell her she’s having lunch she is less likely to eat. So I trick her and call it an appetizer and she’ll eat just about anything.

Roll up Place Mat: My one year old isn’t so good with plates quite yet. A place mat is huge when it comes to restaurant dining! I can put Kenzie in a high chair with bits of food in front of her without worrying she will throw a plate and break it or be eating off a dirty table.

Bib: Keep those clothes somewhat clean 🙂

diaper bag snacks


Extras: Always have an extra set of clothes for both girls including extra socks. Kenzie loves her blanket and a nursing cover is always helpful, we have one that can be used as both a cover and a blanket it is so soft.

Sun Screen & Sun Hat: Summer is coming and sunscreen and sunhats are a must for little ones!

For me: Lipstick always makes me feel more put together even if I haven’t showered and am wearing grubby clothes. A snack bar, my cell phone and wallet have to fit in there nicely.

The Bag: I have been using a Tote Savvy to help organize my “diaper bag” it’s pretty awesome. I organize everything I need inside the Tote Savvy and can stick it in any large tote bag turning it into a diaper bag. Pure genius. 🙂

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Did I miss anything?




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