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Play Time with Lamaze Toys

Kenzie and Shayne both recently turned one, just 9 days apart. It is amazing how fast time flies. We really can’t get over it! We are also still amazed we got pregnant so close together for a second time! Because 5 weeks apart wasn’t close enough. Ha!


For the girls first birthdays we had the opportunity to give each of them a toy package from TOMY filled with fun and colorful Lamaze Toys.

Each toy we received is very high quality, durable, and made in bright eye catching colors. The girls love to play with all of them but their favorites are the Lamaze Rainbow Rings and Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon. Both Kenzie and Shayne are very curious and observant, learning new skills everyday. They love to take the rings off and on the Rainbow Rings toy. Kenzie is so proud when she gets a ring back on, she claps and laughs, it is adorable to watch and so much fun to help her with her hand eye coordination. The Dragon’s wings flap and make a great clicking sound when you pull on it’s cord. Shayne loves the noise and grabs at it with the biggest smile on her face each time she hears it flapping.


One is a fun age where new milestones come almost daily. New noises and sounds are spoken, mimicking becomes frequent, new signs are learned much more quickly then before, and walking and talking are right around the corner. We are living in the moment before we have to chase brand new walkers so they don’t bump their heads or run into the furniture. With our firsts, we didn’t realize how easy we had it when our babies were scooting around and then crawling. Piper and Kolton both walked early giving us a run for our money. Their brains hadn’t developed enough to know to slow down around steps or table corners. Kenzie and Shayne are taking their time and we are embracing the days before the chaos of new walkers begins. We love playing with our scooter and crawler on the ground every chance we get.


Each one of the Lamaze toys we received has something fun and exciting about it helping our littles to learn and explore new things during independent play and together play. The books Shine A Light Freddie Soft Book and  Tilly Twinklewings Discovery Book are fun to flip through and have peekaboo flaps to open and close or just straight chew on. Daisy the Dino,  Squeezy Donkey and My Friend Emily are just too cute. The plastic rings and different textures and materials they are made of are fun for the girls to grab at. The playful colors make each Lamaze toy pop out in a basket of toys causing the girls to gravitate towards them. These toys make a perfect gift for any infant and can be found at Babies R Us.


Thank you TOMY for making this post possible. We love all of the Lamaze Toys we have gotten to play with!



Alia and Danielle




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