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Transitioning into Toddlerhood


Transitioning into toddlerhood can be exciting and also difficult. There are so many surprises and new things to learn. Shayne has always been in the lower percentile for her weight basically since she was born. Now that she is 12 months, and starting to be on the move, this has become an increasing concern of mine. While we introduced solid foods to her quite some time ago, and she seems to be a very good eater, I sometimes wonder just how much food she is actually ingesting, and how much of it is ending up on the floor. She has always been pretty consistently around the 25th percentile in weight, but at her one year checkup, she had dropped to the 15th. Her pediatrician did not seem too concerned, but she did encourage me to try to increase her calories and wants to see her back in six weeks to recheck her weight.

When I discovered Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink and all of it’s nutritional benefits, I thought it would be worth a try. I found out that it is specially designed for toddlers 12-24 months. Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink is a nutritious toddler drink with probiotics to support digestive health. It nourishes toddler tummies so they can focus on what makes them, and you, happy; their growing independence.


The list of benefits is what really got to me. Each drink contains probiotics to help support digestive health, essential nutrients to help fill common nutrient gaps many toddlers experience, such as Iron, Vitamin C, D and E, Potassium and even DHA to help support brain development!


Shayne has been exclusively breast fed since birth, so I was worried that getting her to try a new drink would pose a bit of challenge. I purchased this drink from our local Target and carefully followed the instructions.


First, I poured 6 fl oz of water into a clean, empty container before adding any powder. Then I added three unpacked level scoops (the scoop is enclosed) of powder. Next, I shook it up to mix it (Shayne thought this part was really exciting). Lastly, I poured the drink into her sippy cup. While hesitant at first, she ended up really enjoying it!

I will continue to breastfeed her as long as it works for us, and to provide her with all of the nutritious foods she loves. But this wonderful drink is an added bonus! I am looking forward to her next weight check to see how much she has grown!


We have teamed up with Gerber® to host a GIVEAWAY for one lucky follower!! You could win a “Welcome to Toddlerhood” prize pack filled with goodies for your toddler and yourself!  To enter, first read a little about Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink by clicking on the link, then comment below with one of your experiences with mealtime as your little one transitioned into toddlerhood, or one of your concerns with your little one that is about to become a toddler. 



5 thoughts on “Transitioning into Toddlerhood

  1. I’ve started to see that my toddler is more interested than my plate than hers, even if we have the exact same thing! She has started to turn her nose up to veggies so I still provide pouches that have them mixed in. Oh the joys of being 2! When you find a pouch squished open everywhere, the walls, the couch, the carpet, the baby! 😂

  2. I love meal time with my little one! He will be turning 1 in July!! He is a big eater and my favorite thing is that he eats lemons!!!! He will eat them and then cry when his wedge is over.

  3. Silly monster, only eats “snack carrots” that is, the raw cold carrot sticks. If they are the cooked “dinner carrots” forget it! #formulaforhapiness

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