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Staying Fashionable for Less :: LotFancy, Inc.

Those days of wearing expensive designer sunglasses have come to a temporary halt, until our little ones are bigger at least. We have especially found this when traveling this summer. There are so many things to worry about when on vacation with a one and three year old, so losing or breaking your expensive sunglasses should not be one of these concerns.

We found a really fun company that has inexpensive, high quality, fashion sunglasses in many different frames and lenses. The company is called, LotFancy Inc. and was founded in 1999, located in San Francisco. They sell different products on Amazon, from high tech electronics to goods for kids. We were excited to try out their fun fashion sunglasses for our upcoming travels.IMG_1312.jpg

Ali and I each chose the 54mm Wayfarer Flat Matte Reflective Lens Horn Rimmed Sunglasses. They have 100% UV protection, and are polarized, which is very important for the sunny days. We liked the green and blue mirrored for summer. Check them out HERE.



I brought my pair to Tahoe and received so many compliments. They are very light on the face and gave a perfect amount of sun protection. I wore them at the pool, on the lake, and even took them out on a boat. Due to the very reasonable price point, I did not have to worry about something happening to them out on the water, since I would easily be able to afford a new pair. They fit very comfortably on my face, so I really did not have to worry about them falling off.


Ali also wore her sunglasses to the pool and out with family. The kids enjoyed seeing their reflection in the colorful lenses.



We recommend this product to anyone looking to stay fashionable this summer while staying under budget.

Thank you LotFancy, Inc. for making this post possible.



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