Exploring Mexico :: San Pancho, Nayarit

Finally catching up on some blogging today! Reality has set back in after our amazing family vacation to San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico. Laundry, dishes, work, kids… life has taken over again. I’m ready to go back to paradise where the largest concern in the day was wearing enough sunscreen & bug spray to protect ourselves from the hot sun and evening mosquitos. ((Skip to the end for some San Pancho travel tips))

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San Pancho also known as San Francisco, is the most adorable tiny little town in Mexico, the food is amazing, it’s safe, and has so much character. The water is the color of blue and indigo crystals. Mangos grow on every other tree. Piper even got to pick mangos, she must have eaten 3 mangos a day while we were visiting.

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My cousin-in-law got married in this adorable little town giving us all the perfect excuse for a 10 day vacation. (Thank you Katie & Mike!!) Piper and Kenzie were the most adorable flower girls at an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful wedding!


2016-06-24 08.21.35The home we rented for the week was more like a castle with the most beautiful authentic Mexican decor and an amazing view of the ocean just beyond the gate.

2016-06-25 09.31.572016-06-25 09.28.59

2016-06-25 17.13.57img_15562016-06-25 12.35.342016-06-27 08.46.10We spent time relaxing by the pool, walking on the beach, collecting seashells, visiting friends and family who rented surrounding houses, touring the town in our golf cart, eating, drinking, and exploring. We made time to donate some needed supplies to the local community project, Entreamigos, which was a very rewarding experience, you can read about HERE. 

2016-06-27 07.38.12Kenzie started standing on her own (on top of all the furniture, I guess she felt more confident with the soft bed or lawn chair underfoot) and then took her very first steps on our trip at 13 months old!

2016-06-28 17.06.54

2016-06-28 17.32.39.jpgThe sunsets were as if they were straight from a painting.

img_1391This vacation was so perfect. The time we got to spend as a family was unforgettable. I feel like the 4 of us are more bonded to each other then ever before.


We took a few day trips to Sayulita too, I’ll tell you all about soon! ((Or dump my picture on you))


2016-06-24 13.53.23

xoxo- Alia

P.s. Here are some tips for visiting San Pancho:

Transportation: Flying into Puerto Vallarta Airport, use Diva Tours for transportation. Their rates are decent and they will provide car seats if needed so you don’t have to travel with yours! They will also stop by a grocery store on your way in if you want to stock up your rental. Use Diva Tours for any travel out of town.

Rent a golf cart for trips into town. It’s tiny but you won’t want to walk it’s way too hot.

Lodging: San Pancho Rentals has amazing villas for rent with the friendliest staff. They will even cook for you for an additional free. Who wants to cook while on vacation? Not me! Most will come with a high chair and pack-n-play so ask before you rent baby stuff or make the trek with it. (I still like to have my our own crib and brought our Guava Family Lotus Crib  with us. The girls both slept in it at the wedding!)

Communication: Use the app Whats App for free phone calls and texting within the app. All-tough I have to admit my phone was dead for 85% of the trip and I was more then happy to be disconnected from the rest of the world for the week.


Happy Travels!

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