Exploring Mexico :: Sayulita, Nayarit

On our recent trip to Mexico we stayed in a tiny tinny town call San Pancho. For a change of pace we jumped into a car from Diva Tours and headed out to Sayulita.

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Sayulita is much more touristy then San Pancho. The streets are lined with vendors, small shops, bars and restaurants.

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The beaches are packed with people under umbrellas and in the water. The waves are much calmer then in San Pancho. You can comfortably put your feet in or even swim in the warm water.

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The town is full of vibrant colors that please your eyes and the food is amazing! When I envisioned our vacation I wasn’t thinking about the food but everywhere we went was more delicious then the last place. I made it my journey to find the best taco and must have tried 10 different ones in the course of our trip, every single taco was amazingly good. 🙂

2016-06-29 13.19.012016-06-29 15.21.29Since Sayulita is a shopping destination we bought beautiful embroidered Mexican dresses for the girls, matching, because Piper insisted. I can’t lie I never thought I’d be ‘that mom’  the one who dresses her kids alike but I think it is adorable when they match and even cuter because Piper is always the one who requests to match her baby sister. My sister-in-law bought matching dresses for her girls too!

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Sayulita is a fun place to visit and shop. I recommend stopping by for an afternoon if you find yourself in the area.

Happy Travels!

xo- Alia




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