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Mealtime Fun with Mickey Mouse

We are two moms always on the go, so we are frequently searching for fun products to make our lives just a little easier. It feels like we are constantly loading our cars with ways to keep our little ones happy, healthy, and entertained. With the weekly visits to friends and families homes for parties, dinners, etc. we always have to research the “kid and baby friendliness” of their homes prior to our visits. While some of them have the necessities for our little ones, some do not. In these incidences, we have to come prepared. Having an extra travel crib for much needed naps, or a portable highchair, become absolutely necessary for our 14 month old girls!


When we found out about these adorable and very convenient portable highchair seats from The First Years®, we had to give them a try! Shayne already has the sweetest obsession with Mickey Mouse, so the Disney Baby theme was a wonderful bonus!

The seats are very easy to secure to a chair (this is the only recommended way to use it) and adjusts easily. Once our girls are on the seat, the inside straps adjust to their size as well. The tray then snaps on easily, and can also be adjusted as they grow. The back support is shaped like Mickey’s ears! What could be cuter than that?!


We love all of the entertainment that these seats provide while we are busily preparing their meals. The girls were able to play with the Mickey hands (one of which holds a snack or sip cup) and other toys which are easy to remove and clean.


The First Years® has always been a mom favorite of ours, having everything your baby needs in those early years, and we are so happy they teamed up with Disney Baby to make this wonderful product!


This will definitely become a staple for keeping our little ones entertained at mealtime. this product can also be found on Amazon!


Danielle & Ali

*The First Years® sent us these products, but the opinions expressed are all ours! Thank you for supporting 2BlondeMamas



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