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Kenzie’s First Steps :: Featuring Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked has been a favorite of ours since Kenzie was born. Their moccasins helped keep Kenzie’s little feet warm when she was an infant and now are helping to keep her feet safe from the elements as a brand new walker! They come in so many fun colors and patterns, are well made, and are easy to put on without constantly falling off! We are so excited to have partnered with Freshly Picked to help release their newest collection of moccs! The Cactus Flower moccasins release today Thursday, August 25th at 10am MST! Hurry and grab yours before their limited stock runs out. 🙂

2016-08-24 13.42.08

It took Kenzie a while to develop the confidence to walk. She took her first steps 7 weeks ago while we were on a family vacation in Mexico. It took her about 6 to gain enough confidence to use her walking feet even though she was fully capable of walking and now she hasn’t crawled for 3 entire days. It is so bitter sweet! Crawling is such an adorable stage of babyhood but first time walkers are equally adorable wobbling around with their cubby little arms up in the air as stabilizers.

2016-08-24 13.31.40

Barefoot is the best for new walkers to feel the ground underneath their toes and help them learn balance but we can’t always let Kenzie go barefoot, especially outside. Freshly Picked moccasins are our go to for walking outside since they have a leather sole that help shield from the hot cement, prickly grass, or dirty surfaces, and they still give the sense of being barefoot. Personally, I can’t get over how cute they are!

2016-08-24 13.13.53

Kenzie walked around the entire block this morning all by herself! She only stopped a couple times to check out the leaves on the ground or the pinwheels in the neighbors yard and of course to hold her big sisters hand here and there.

2016-08-24 13.16.222016-08-24 13.15.50

I am one proud mama and am happy to say Freshly Picked has been a huge part in Kenzie’s enormous milestone as a new walker! She loves putting her Cactus Flower moccs on because she knows it means we get to go outside to play, she brings them to me every time she sees them.

2016-08-24 13.28.25

Keep an eye out for a giveaway with our favorite baby/toddler shoe brand coming to our Instagram and Facebook pages soon!


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