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A Fun Way to Have Lunch with Friends

Anything  related to Mickey or Minnie Mouse is always a favorite for all four of our little ones! Shayne and Kenzie LOVE sitting in their First Years® Mickey Mouse Helping Hands Feeding & Activity Seat (check out our recent review HERE) and now, Kolton and Piper are able to join in on the fun with their own The First Years® Mickey and Minnie Mouse Feeding sets and Simply Spoutless cups!

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The plates have three compartments so their food doesn’t touch (and with three year olds, we have learned the importance of this small detail). There is also a small bowl for fruit, cereal or other snacks, as well as some adorable utensils.

The Simply Spoutless cup is great for little ones transitioning from a sippy cup to a real cup. The lid is spill proof so your little one can practice drinking without the mess. Kolton and Piper are already very comfortable drinking from regular cups, so we just twisted the lid off and let them drink from the cups like big kids. This will however be great for when we start to transition Shayne and Kenzie to regular cups.

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Kolton and Piper love playing together and then taking a lunch break. They have always eaten better when the other one is around. It’s just too bad that they can’t have every meal together in order to save us moms from a lot of meal time battles! With these adorable feeding sets, we can talk about the characters while they enjoy their meals. Very importantly for us Moms, all of these items are dishwasher and microwave safe and, of course, BPA free!

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You can purchase any of these products from Amazon!


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