Cooking Kiddo’s :: A Popsicle Recipe

Here in sunny California summer isn’t over quite yet, even though preschool is back in season and Halloween candy is on the shelves in stores. We’re hanging onto every last bit of sunshine we can! What better way then with a popsicle recipe for our littles and some melted pops for our mini toddlers?!
Piper and I spent the morning making popsicles while Kenzie took her nap so we could share them with our besties at the park later in the afternoon. These healthy popsicles were very easy to make. 

2016-09-08-09-53-01Here’s how we made these easy-peasy popsicles & popsicle melts for the little ones!

You’ll need a blender, popsicle molds, and a freezer.

Blueberry Vanilla Pops


Strawberry Banana Vanilla Pops


Blend strawberries or blueberries with Greek Yogurt until completely smooth. Mix one container of Baby food with 2-3 spoonfuls of yogurt. Layer each mixture in a popsicle mold. We did 2 layers of each mixture. Freeze for 4 hours before enjoying. For crawlers we recommend letting the popsicles melt before serving. This makes a yummy cool treat for your little one, keeping the same flavor of a yogurt pop!


The popsicles were a perfect snack for our 3 year olds! They had no idea they were good for them, I consider these more of a meal then a dessert. We let the popsicle melt a little before giving one to Shayne since she’s still a cute little crawler, this way she was able to eat her treat without any issue. We can’t wait to try making these with some other flavors soon! 



We hope you enjoy the last days of warm weather and sunshine! Is it still warm where you are? Today was the perfect day for a cold treat with temperatures in the high 80’s here in Cali!






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