A Toddler Dessert

2016-09-16-17-45-21Every new step in a babies life is full of entertainment, challenges and surprises. Right now Kenzie is learning how to use a spoon all by herself. It is the cutest thing and at the same time the messiest! She is constantly eating and her favorite thing right now is feeding herself, she doesn’t want help. She’s my little independent girl. So on bath nights I let her use a spoon at dinner time for everything.


Feeding herself can be a little nerve racking when it comes to solids. My biggest fears as a mother are choking and drowning. With Gerber Lil’ Bits I don’t have to worry about Kenzie choking on her food while she messily feeds herself and she still gets to practice chewing.

2016-09-16-17-46-25We made a Yogurt Apple Blueberry Parfait as a little treat after dinner for Kenzie to dive into with her new spoon skills. She was so excited and it was easy as can be!

All you do is layer Greek Yogurt and the fruit Gerber Lil’ Bits flavor of your choice! 1-2-3 you are done and ready to serve your little munchkin a yummy desert!

2016-09-16-17-47-05-2Gerber Lil’ Bits come in so many flavors your little one can try!

Flavors Perfect for Parfaits:

Try these savory flavors served with mashed potatoes and oatmeal. Perfect for Autumn!


What would you mix with your crawler’s food to make it special? With the holidays coming up the possibilities are endless and we’d love to hear from you!



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