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Going Gluten Free At Three 

Piper my 3 year old daughter has had an unusual amount of back pain and stomach issues for someone so small. We’ve taken her to doctor after doctor, gone through ultrasounds and X-rays, trying to figure out the cause of her discomfort.

hollister-32.jpgPhoto courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography

They found she has fluid in her kidneys due to sever constipation. You aren’t supposed to have fluid in your kidneys at all she has a decent amount. We tried the natural approach with, high fiber diet with limitless fruit, it didn’t work. Next she was prescribed a powder fiber to add to her water daily and laxatives that never seemed to work consistently, plus I’m not very comfortable putting all the pills and powders into her tiny little body.

hollister-15.jpgPhoto courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography

She was having accidents left and right because she was afraid it would hurt to use the bathroom. It broke my heart every time she cried because she couldn’t go but felt like she had to. We turned to major bribery, a treat every time she went poop and once in a while if it was really bad a trip to Target to buy a new toy. It wasn’t working, for her, me, her daddy, anyone.

Since I’m highly allergic to gluten with several reactions if I accidentally get ‘glutened’ as my sister and I call it, my husband and I decided to try Piper out on a Gluten Free diet.

2016-09-15-11-54-16I wish I could say it isn’t working but just 4 days in and her tummy troubles had vanished. She’s regular and has not had one accident. While I’m really happy she isn’t in pain or having trouble anymore I’m also sorry she can’t eat like all the other kids at school or at parties.


2016-09-15-11-53-28While we are doing this experimental diet change we’ve been trying to make her feel special instead of different. Not getting to eat what all the other kids at school are eating at snack time has to be hard for a 3 year old to grasp. We found this awesome company that makes a booster for a regular 4 legged kitchen chair to raise the whole chair up so the child can easily reach the table without having to use a booster seat, it’s called Kaboost. It was really easy to install and isn’t permanent, the chair just sits right on top of it. Piper calls it her “Queen Chair” because it is the highest one at the table and I love that she doesn’t sit on her knees anymore.

unspecifiedHer friends love the Kaboost chair too! It’s perfect for meal time and doing crafts at the table. Piper and Kolton loved being tall like the big kids. Every time we have friends over to play they want to sit in the Kaboost chair, it is one of the coolest products I’ve seen for toddlers.

2016-09-15-11-57-37Gluten free might not be the final answer, we plan on trying it out for a total of 3 months before reintroducing gluten into her diet. If she reverts back into the same issues then we’ll know gluten is the culprit.


There are worse things. The fact that we have a lot of experience with gluten free diets from my family history of gluten allergies is a positive thing. Having to bring our own treats to birthday parties and snacks to every play date is going to be an extra thing on my list of parenting responsibilities but seeing my daughter running around happily without pain is worth all the work in the world. Her new Kaboost chair has helped her feel like the princess that she is, gluten free or not, she loves it.

2016-09-15 11.57.48.jpgSo far Piper has been amazing with her new gluten free meal plan, always asking if food items contain gluten and surprisingly ok with not getting to eat cake at a few events. I still catch a glimpse of sorrow when we tell her she can’t have that cupcake because it contains gluten and can’t help but feel for her. We are doing our best to find gluten free alternatives to keep her happy and feeling special. I’ll say we are lucky her favorite dessert is fruit with whipped cream on top. 🙂


We’ll see what happens next in the life of Piper, my 3-year-old gluten free princess.

If you have any amazing gluten free kid friendly recipes please feel free to send them my way! I have one of the pickiest children when it comes to meal time and now adding a gluten free diet, I’m sure I’m going to run out of ideas!



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29 thoughts on “Going Gluten Free At Three 

  1. I’ve been GF for 11 yrs. Gluten issues run in families (I’m your dad’s first cousin!). It’s much easier to eat GF nowadays than it was when I began my journey. Many who have a gluten allergy also are sensitive to dairy products so be on the lookout if you haven’t already had her tested for that.
    My daughter may be moving to LA. She wants to begin a food truck business selling her GF baked goods. I’m told GF eating is widespread in LA.
    Btw, your children are beautiful!

    • Hi Suzy! Yeah, I agree it is way easier now! I’ve been gluten free for 16 years. I should have stopped eating it when I was first diagnosed when I was 14 but I was stubborn and no one knew what gluten was. We’d love to go check out your daughters food truck if she ends up doing it, let me know!

  2. Thank you for the chair booster idea – how fun! It sounds like you are already careful, so I know you will figure out the right path for your daughter. My kids love a GF pancake on the weekends: GF quick oats, cinnamon, smashed banana, and egg. Good luck on this journey!

  3. The human body is amazing in its ability to recognize what works and doesn’t. I can only imagine the pain your daughter (and you) felt when her body was not doing well. It is great you thought about eliminating gluten as a test. I really hope and pray that is the answer for her. There are so many options for those who are GF so she will be in a special club!

    • Thank you! It seems to be working so we’ll see. The body is definitely an amazing thing. She has always liked my gluten free food better then regular products with gluten in them. Maybe that was her body telling her it was better for her. 🙂

  4. I was overwhelmed when I found out I had to go gluten free. I found this resource to be very valuable. Very informative and lots of great ideas.

  5. My daughter who is now 3, has been gluten free since she was 5 weeks old (breast fed). She has always reacted very strongly to gluten. I am extremely diligent in bringing safe food for her and bringing my own cupcakes to parties. It is so scary but I’d rather get thrive. She’ll be okay being different if she doesn’t hurt. I do suggest you go to an endocrinologist before it’s been too many weeks.


    • Since 5 weeks old? Wow! So she’s never tried gluten then. Does she have celiac? We are experimenting at this point, I’d rather not have to stick my daughter if I don’t have to. She is deathly afraid of needles. Celiac runs in my family. My sister, dad and I all have it and so do some of our extended family.

  6. Thanks for sharing this post, its great! I like that there are so many more resources for gluten free diets along with recipes these days. Super cute photos by the way 🙂

  7. I’m glad that you were able to narrow it down to help your daughter! I found out I was gluten sensitive at around 15 and had years of headaches and stomach issues before we finally figured it out! I have a blog with lots of gluten-free recipes 🙂

    • I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy at 15 too! It is so much easier now then it was back then. I’m always on the lookout for easy gluten free recipes for me and my daughter. I’ll be checking your site out soon! Thanks so much!

  8. Hi! you can try to make for her banana muffins with GF oatmeal and coconut flour – they are so delicious! On my instagram I also post some delicious smoothies and desserts with chia seeds and fruit 🙂 I think kids will like them. I do not also use sugar – xylitol only or dates if I need more sweetness.

  9. For years I thought I just had a weak stomach and was resigned to a life of low energy and a feeling of just being sick all the time. If I had known back then what I know now, my transition to a gluten-free life would have been a lot easier.

    • I’m glad you got it figured out! I was in the same boat.. although the doctor told me I was probably allergic to wheat when I was 14 and I was too stubborn to listen. I should have!

  10. I don’t have any definite kid-approved recipes. =( I would like to say that you can make almost everything that is normally gluten, gluten-free. When I started out going gluten free a few years ago, I experimented by trying recipe’s and substituting the wheat flour for gluten free flour. I mix my flours: rice flour, buckwheat flour, and sweet rice flour — which gives it a texture competitive to wheat, and healthy too. That way you don’t run into any unpleasant gritty, dry baked goods.

  11. Piper is adorable! How have the first few months gone on her gluten free diet and what treats did you discover during the holidays? I’m gluten free too and my kids are not, but my six month old has only known a gluten free diet because she is nursing. My older daughter loves to share my gluten free food and treats with me – it’s easier than preparing two of the same thing.

    • Thank you for your sweet words! It is kinda a tricky thing… she has been great for the most part but we still see signs there is another underline issue. We have started a food journal to help figure it all out. There are so many good gluten free snacks and treats these days! My whole family eats gluten free because of me and Piper. I agree it’s much easier! I’ll have to write a little update on P soon. 🙂

  12. Wow,you guys are lucky you found a solution at age three! My mom constantly took me to the doctor because of my really bad leg pains and stomach bloating.The doctors always said it was “growing pains” but as the years went on me and my mom got tired of my constant pain.To solve that we went to a endocrinologist who asked if any foods triggered my pain and I responded with “bread”. My doctor figured out what was going on and made me do a celiac panel which tested positive.Now over a year and a half later after the diagnosis I feel much better and am doing very well with my Gluten-Free diet.If you want to know more you should check out my blog!=)

    • I’ll check it out! Thanks! I’ve been gluten free for almost 20 years, so I wasn’t too surprised one of my children has the same issue. It is nice to have answers!

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