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Trying Stitch Fix :: Attempting a Wardrobe Update

I decided to give Stitch Fix a shot. You know, the monthly service where a stylist choses out pieces for your wardrobe that are supposed to help you be more stylish and save you time, eliminating the need to go shopping. You’ve heard of them right? I’m always interested in both saving time and updating my wardrobe, I’m a busy working mother of 2 after all.

I had heard good things and bad about the service. So I filled out the online profile, added detailed notes about my style preferences and waited for my box to arrive.

I have to tell you the truth. I sent it all back. Here’s why…

I specifically wrote I didn’t want “mom clothes.” I got MOM CLOTHES.

I told them I want edgy… I got CONSERVATIVE.

I said different… I got BASIC.

I said bright colors… I got DARK.

Everything I asked for I received something opposite. I even gave them access to my Pinterest fashion board for inspiration.

This dress says unstylish mom with strange fabric pulls on it, the ties were meant to be in the front but I couldn’t even show it that way it was so bad…

This boho top fit terribly, it felt like I was wearing a pillow case. If it were a little more fitted maybe it would be alright.

stitchfix shoes

The shoes were cute just not my style. I wouldn’t wear them enough to feel right about spending $130 on them.

I almost kept this blue top, I love the color and felt like it was almost right but again the price was a little too high, $78 for a simple top. If it were $50 I would have kept it. The black jeans weren’t bad either, basic and very stretchy. They were just a little too big around the waist and felt like they would stretch out as I wore them, plus I already have plenty of black jeans that I love.


Maybe I did something wrong while filling out the style survey. Have you tried Stitch Fix? Did you like it? Is there a trick to it? I’d be willing to try it again but there is that $20 styling fee you don’t get back unless you put it toward your purchase. I wasted money by returning everything but I am still glad I gave it a try.


Based on my first attempt with Stitch Fix it’s not for me. I’m contemplating readjusting my style profile and trying it out again. I am hoping to find a service like this that I love, I’m afraid I might just be too picky. If you want to give it a shot here’s a referral link  you can use. I’d love to here your experience!




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