Finding Me Again

Life Lately.


me-and-the-girlsI’ve been trying to spending more time on me lately… as I do I realize more and more that my family is an enormous part of me and I don’t want to miss a minute of them growing up. My girls mean the entire world to me. My husband is a very close second. Once you have kids they become your number 1, he feels the same way so it’s ok for me to admit the fact. So it took me 3 weeks since my last post Finding Me Again, but I finally went out and got my nails done, for me and me alone. It was much easier to make time to dress up a little more and put on some lipstick when we spend time together as a family then to get away for a couple hours for a manicure/pedicure. I gave Stitch Fix a shot, trying to update my wardrobe a little bit. Didn’t work in my favor but it was fun to try on clothes that someone else thought I’d like. The key word here is thought. 


We’ve been spending tons of time together as a family. We’ve attempted to go out to nice restaurants with the girls when our heads must be clouded from their adorableness at home. The girls have been behaving surprisingly well but they are still a little too loud for most restaurants, they are only 1 and 3 after all. I’m particularly talking about the time we decided to skip the housework we had planned and go to lunch instead. We wanted to try something new and ended up at a restaurant that looked delicious from the menu posted on the window. When we were seated in an ominously quiet dinning room with only two other tables occupied my husband and I looked at each other immediately and decided to get a glass of wine and a quick appetizer instead of our planned meal before heading to our go-to outdoor eatery. I don’t think the other 4 people in the place took their eyes off of us. Didn’t matter though, our girls were very well behaved and occupied with the coloring pads we brought for them or playing tick-tac-toe, Piper’s new favorite. This rarely happens.



We made it to a small circus with both girls in San Juan Batista. It was bizarre… but thoroughly entertaining. I was amazed that Kenzie sat quietly watching in awe for the entire 2 hour performance and not so surprised that Piper now wants to be an acrobat and won’t stop doing summersaults or putting on ‘circus’ performances for us. She thinks she can do all the tricks the performers did and is constantly making my heart jump out of my chest by jumping off play structures attempting midair flips. I’m praying for no broken bones or concussions in our future.


Pat and I have been on more dates in the last month then we have since we had our first little one almost 4 years ago. This has been huge for us, finding time to be together, just us. I didn’t realize how important it was to go on dates until we started actually doing it this last month, just us. Talking about life is always more fun over a nice dinner and cocktail of some sort.

Life lately has been good. Weekends have been filled with family, visits from old friends and toy filled floors. In fact I should be cleaning them up now but really would rather leave it for tomorrow…


hollister-33.jpgPhoto courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography



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