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The Simple Things.


Everyday I learn something new. Whether it is something tiny like my daughter likes turkey soup (adding new foods to her list is kinda a big deal, she’s the pickiest thing alive) or some monumental fact. Yesterday I learned that apple cider vinegar is magical in the hundreds of natural remedies it can be used for. Did you already know that? I’m going to start trying it out. Today I learned if you leave out the first ‘h’ in ‘whether’ it is wether, definition, a castrated ram….ops. Made me laugh anyway.

I’m starting to learn that the small things in life can turn into the big things. The simplest spur of the moment activities are sometimes better then the one that took months to plan out AND everything happens for a reason.


On a Monday afternoon after work we headed out to a new driving range after rudely being told the one we usually go to was closed. Luckily this brought us to a new location even better then the last and it is perfect for the four of us. See everything happens for a reason, I told you.


I pretend to know what I’m doing and play with my camera taking photographs of my 3 favorite people. I have new found love for photography even if I’m not very good at it. There is something about capturing a moment with the lens of a camera that makes me feel empowered. I would take pictures all day long of Piper and Kenzie if I could. I do this for me…and hopefully one day they will enjoy having 17 million photos from their childhood. Ha!

My husband hits balls on the range and the girls run around imagining they are flying as they explore the grassy hills near the range. Piper says “Golf is the easiest sport.” while her daddy tries to teach her how to hit balls with a club that is 10x to big for her. She loves getting all his attention.


Watching Piper and Kenzie play together happily outside at sunset has become one of my favorite things, it doesn’t matter where we are. Their bond grows daily and I can’t help but stare at them in amazement. It doesn’t hurt that the golf course is beautiful and the weather has been perfect. Of course they fight, pull each others hair out (at least Kenzie does) and yank toys screaming at the top of their lungs here and there. But most of the time they are hugging, wrestling each other to the ground in full giggle mode, THE BEST SOUND EVER.


We have fun together, our little family, that’s what matters. These are the kind of moments I always want to remember, the simple ones. So this is a little reminder not to stress about making things perfect, just sit back, watch, engage and be with your loved ones. Life’s too short not to. <3



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