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Last Minute Pumpkin Crafting 

Halloween is almost here! We’ve been to so many pumpkin patches I can’t even remeber how many times I’ve dragged my family to pick up pumpkins. My pumpkin obsession may have gone a little overboard this year, my husband counted over 30 inside the house and there are more on the porch… Ops! But that is a different story!


With so many pumpkins around we have plenty of crafting to do with the girls. This year we carved pumpkins a week before Halloween at a carving party. Piper drew 8 faces on her pumpkin and picked her first drawing to carve out. It had long eyes and a tiny nose and mouth. Pretty good for an almost 4 year old! ( I think it was the best pumpkin of the bunch but I’m 100% bias!) Unfortunately with the rain our pumpkins didn’t make it to Halloween. They are smooched on the porch waiting for my husband to toss them, I don’t plan on touching them.


Last night while the hubby worked late the girls and I had fun experimenting with melting crayons on white pumpkins.  It was a fun alternative to carving them but much messier then expected.


Seems pretty self explanatory but here’s a few tips for making your own crayon covered pumpkin.

2016-10-28 16.51.21.jpg



  • A pumpkin (obviously!)
  • Broken crayons with paper pealed off
  • A hair dryer
  • A protected surface

The details:

  1. Break the crayons into even smaller pieces if necessary
  2. Place crayon pieces on pumpkin in ridges

2016-10-28 16.54.30.jpg

2016-10-28 16.55.14.jpg2016-10-28 16.56.43.jpg

3. Heat with hair dryer…




*Number 3 is the tricky part. We had a hard time keeping the crayons on the pumpkins before they were melted enough to stick. My advice, wear gloves! And heat the crayons with a low speed, once the crayon is stating to melt push it down so it stays in place a bit better.
2016-10-28 17.08.16.jpg

Make sure to cover the entire surface you are using if you care about getting it dirty. I stuck our pumpkins on paper plates right on the kitchen table. Yeah. Bad idea! When we turned the blow dryer up (once the crayons were starting to really melt) to spread the melting colors the air shot specks of crayon EVERYWHERE. My table is speckled with dots of color. It’ll come off but will take some more work then anticipated.

2016-10-28 17.06.32.jpg

Realistic Mess :: Crayon Splattered Table! 

Even with the unexpected speckled table mess and my crayon covered fingers it was a really fun little project that turned out great! Piper kept saying “Wow!! Look at that!” While Kenzie watched in amazement saying “ooohhh and ahhhh!”

Have fun decorating!

Happy Halloween! 😘

Xo, Alia

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