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Pumpkin Patching & Trick-or-Treating

October has come and gone, just like that another month is in the past. Our home is flooded with spooky decorations I feel like they are coming out of my ears and now it’s time to pack them all up and get ready for the next holiday, but before we do here is a little bit about our October.


Trust me when I tell you I have a bit of a pumpkin obsession. I’ve taken my girls to way too many pumpkin patches, not because they want to go but because I LOVE this time of year and picking out pumpkins is something special. They love it too don’t get me wrong but I can’t lie to you and tell you I only do it for them. There is something about corn mazes and pumpkins lining the hay filled ground that makes me happy.

We picked our own pumpkins off the vine at our first pumpkin patch of the season…

2016-10-08-17-56-512016-10-08-17-45-522016-10-08-18-01-592016-10-08-17-39-432016-10-08-17-54-38Picked out a couple pumpkins at a few more. Our rule is one pumpkin per kid per patch. We ended up with a house full of pumpkins. Besides them looking super cute for Halloween the plus side is they can be repurposed for Thanksgiving!


We even went to a birthday party at a pumpkin patch.


2016-10-09-15-31-59Halloween came around and Trick-or-Treating was a hit for both Piper and Kenzie. We woke up in Santa Cruz at Nana and Grandpa’s house on Monday morning and they took us to a Trick-or-Treat event at a local strip mall. Kenzie is only 17 months old but she was so into it! She said thank you to each of the shop personal waved good bye and paved the way walking right into the next shop, it was pretty fun to watch. She has such a big personality for such a small little girl. Luckily most of the shops gave out Goldfish Crackers and Fruit Snacks instead of straight candy.

2016-10-31 10.14.02.jpg2016-10-31-10-13-382016-10-31 10.14.49.jpg2016-10-31 10.15.27.jpg

2016-10-31 10.16.02.jpgimg_4262

We headed back home after a fun morning with Nana and Grandpa and hosted some of the cousins for an evening of trick-or-treating. We went around the block then came home to answer the door and pass out candy. I’m pretty sure all the kids had more fun taking turns passing out candy then trick-or-treating, which was perfect! No one needs that much candy, especially not a 1 and 4 year old! We went through 12 bags of candy by 8:00 and had to turn the lights out.


It was a perfect holiday! Each year seems to be better then the last with my 2 little munchkins. They are pretty amazing.

2016-10-31 10.14.00.jpg

I hope you had a great Halloween and are ready to take on the holiday season with a smile on your face! Now if you have any ideas on what to do with all this candy so I don’t end up eating it I’d love to hear them!




*Piper picked out all our costumes this year! She’s Princess Sophia with her bunny Clover. Daddy is a fireman who rescued me, a kitty cat, from a tree. All in the mind of a newly 4 year old!

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