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A New Year, A New You?

My question is this: Why should a New Year make you change your life entirely? Why do you need to reinvent yourself and create this New You every year on January 1st? A need for a new beginning? It’s motivational…


For most people I’ve spoken to resolutions are bound to be broken, for me they don’t last a week without slacking off on a new resolution to eat better, exercise daily, loose or (in my case) gain weight, and then I just feel bad about myself. I don’t know about you but feeling bad about myself is not how I want to start a new year!

Because of this I’ve never been one for resolutions. This year I feel a little bit different and want to hold myself accountable to reach a few new goals (and yes, I said goals, these are not resolutions) by writing them down here for you all to read, if you chose to, I feel like I’m doing just that. Maybe it’s because I’m at 34 year old mama of 2?! Or because I know life is short and its important to make it worth something..

…anyway here are my goals for 2017:


Get Organized.

Most days lately I feel like every single thing in my life is disorganized. My car is filled with more toddler sized jackets and socks then are in the closets because my daughters love to pull their shoes and socks off every time we get into the car. Really EVERY time. Every toy bin is in shambles, the clothes in my closet are all falling over, I have no clothes to wear yet no room to put more, the list goes on. My goal for this is to organize and de-clutter one drawer or computer file at a time until my life feels more organized and manageable.

Write More.

I absolutely love blogging. I look forward to the free moments I have where I can sit down, write about my girls, our travels, my attempt to get back into fashion, and our life together as a family of 4 in the country. I have so many ideas and want to get them out of my head and onto the screen.


Set Work / Play hours.

Right now I work all the time. I work from home and set my own hours which sounds perfect but in reality work ends up mushing into every part of my day. My goal is to set working hours and family hours. That way when 5:00 hits or whatever time I decide on I’m done with my job for the day and can focus on my family without distraction. This is something very important to me yet I have a very hard time not completing a task or getting it started the moment I find out about it.


Spend More Time On Me.

In the last 4 years since becoming a mom I’ve put myself on the back burner. I haven’t spent time doing things I love to do nearly enough. You forget how important having your own identity is. I was so concerned with losing my identity when I finally gave in to changing my last name and didn’t realize having kids was really the culprit to that piece of me falling off into oblivion. My kids are my everything but I am important too and I forget that often. So fashion, art, photography, flowers, and museum hoping I’m here for you again!

Dress Up Often. 

On most days my girls dress better then me. That is about to stop. I was so into fashion for my whole life. I have a Batchlor of Fine Arts degree in fashion design for goodness sake! This is my year to take my style back!

Save More Money.

This is always on the list for obvious reasons. I’d really like to retire and travel around the world with my husband while I’m still able to walk without a walker.



Our family has always been big on travel. If you’ve been following along on this blog you already know we took our daughter when she was almost 2 years old to Italy and Ireland and more recently our 2 daughters to Mexico, amongst many other places here in the US. This year we are looking into traveling to Iceland to see the Northen Lights and make all of Piper’s Frozen dreams come true or maybe Australia to adventure among the Great Barrier Reef, white sand beaches, and seek out some kangaroos. We’ll see, right now I’m still in the day dream phase of planning out adventures. If you have travel suggestions I’d love to hear them! The only requirement is a passport must be required. 🙂



Here’s to an adventurous, productive, prosperous, healthy, happy New Year!






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