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Safety First :: 5 Tips for Minor Bumps and Bruises + Discount Code!

dsc_0605When it comes to being a parent safety is our number one concern for our little ones. Between the 2 of us we have 4 rambunctious, active toddlers all with their own, very different personalities. It has never been more important to be prepared for any bumps, bruises, scrapes or lacerations. Our 4 year olds are learning to ride bicycles and our 20 month olds, still wobbly on their feet, are getting braver with each running stride, they have no fear and would horrifyingly run into on coming traffic without a worry in their minds.
We’ve compiled our top 5 tips for dealing with minor bumps and bruises.
 Here you go!
1. Don’t react.
When your little falls down pretend it’s not a big deal, even if there is blood everywhere! If you don’t act scared it may help your little one to feel less afraid. Sometimes the sight of blood is worse then the pain because its scary.
2. Be prepared.
KidzStuff makes a first aid kit geared specifically for children. It contains 94 pieces of medical equipment all made for kids. You’ll find everything from bandages to sting relief antiseptic wipes and burn cream. We have ours in the back of our cars just in case something happens when we are out-and-about exploring the world or at our local park.
Use code blogad for 20% off a fist aid kit from KidzStuff.
 20% off coupon code valid for the purchase of a first aid kit. Offer expires on March 31, 2017.

3. Distract.
Get their mind off of whatever just happened. Fell down at the park and skinned their knee? There are probably birds to look at, other kids playing on the swing or with a ball, maybe an airplane flying by? Use the outdoors to your advantage and distract them from their bump, bruise or scrape. It works most of the time!
4. Pressure.
Put pressure on the wound. This helps for cuts and scrapes to both ease the pain from the air and stops bleeding.


and most importantly!
5. Give lots of Kisses.
Don’t forget, kisses make everything better! Smother them in kisses and cuddles, it’s the best cure for tears!
We all fall down sometimes. Hopefully these tips help you soothe your little one and you never have to experience anything more then a minor knee scuff!
Alia & Danielle

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