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Coping with Colic

It’s amazing to me how different two girls can be despite the fact that they grew in the same belly and have the same daddy. My daughters are polar opposites of each other. Piper was the quietest, easiest baby ever and Kenzie, a little spitfire who was far from quiet as an infant and honestly to this day. Kenzie had colic… colic which sometimes got the best of me, making me feel like I couldn’t do anything right as a mama. Colic that wrenched on my every nerve from the inside out, rarely giving me a break.


Piper hours old..


Kenzie hours old..

That colic for the first 3 or maybe even 4 months drained all of us. We tried everything. I was the only one that could comfort K for the most part. After every tip and trick researched we finally figured out the things that worked best for her. Every baby is different but as a mama who has experienced a colicky baby I’d want to know everything I could do to make life easier.


For Kenzie being held or wrapped, cutting dairy out of my diet so she didn’t get any in the breast milk she was drinking, colic drops, particularly Gerber® Sooth Probiotic Colic Drops, a good baby swing that went fast, and walking outside were the answer we’d been looking for.


Once we figured out how to sooth her life was much calmer, I couldn’t get much done when she wasn’t sleeping but lucky for me this girl can sleep and has been the best napper and sleep-through-the-nighter I’ve ever encountered. Again much different from her big sis. Piper has always been restless at night, stopped napping the day she turned 2 and still ends up in our bed every night… but that’s a whole different story I may share with you at another time.

So here’s the deal.

Do you have a baby that has colic? That drives you crazy even though you are full of nothing but love for their adorable hard to watch crying face? Take all the walks possible, get yourself some good walking shoes and a good stroller and get into hiking. Try Gerber® Sooth Probiotic Colic Drops and Gerber® Good Start® Sooth Infant Formula if your aren’t nursing or need to supplement breast milk and take a look at the tips Gerber® has provided in the LINK for more comforting methods and a little knowledge on what exactly colic is. They have a great video too. And remember you’ll get through it! Even though it seems like forever in the moment it’s not… it will someday soon feel like forever ago. Those little rascals grow way too fast!

Being different, being your own individual person is a wonderful thing and it keeps things around here much more interesting. Piper is our princess, into mermaids, sparkles, rainbows and dress up, our dainty 4 year old with the biggest heart. Kenzie is our dare devil, frequently found on top of the kitchen table or drawing on the walls after turning my back for a split second. She wants to go faster, play harder and kick all the balls on the field. One was a quiet calm infant who never slept, the other a loud, clingy, baby who slept thought the night (8-10 hours!) by the time she was 6 months old.

I love both my girls more then anything in the world for each of their individual qualities, princess or tomboy, quiet or loud, it doesn’t matter they are my everything as I’m sure your little is everything to you!



I received a free sample of (Gerber® Good Start® Soothe Infant Formula & Gerber® Soothe Probiotic Colic Drops) from Gerber®. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Coping with Colic

  1. Not sure if this brand is available where i live. Having a colicy baby is th worst thing ever! No amount of swinging, singing, rocking helps when th baby has colic. I think im over this phase though.

    • I know right?! It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone but if you do have to deal with colic it helps to know you aren’t alone and you are doing everything you can to try to make that baby feel better. Glad you are over the phase! xo

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