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Kid Style :: Nano Spring 2017 Clothing

Spring is coming, it’s only a couple weeks away and Danielle and I couldn’t be happier about it! When we stumbled across Nano’s new Spring 2017 line we knew our 4 toddlers would love the carefree play clothes and as parents we would be happy to put our littles in them! They are made right here is the US, are high quality, so soft and cute!

IMG_4253We feel like such spoiled California girls when we say this but… we’ve had way too much cold and rain this winter! We aren’t used to it and neither are our kids. Even though the rain is needed and we are still considered to be in a drought, which is hard to believe with so many damns over capacity and all the flooding that has been going on, we’re over it. Bring on the sunshine, spring flowers, bright colors, sleeveless tops, skirts, dresses and shorts!



Check out the Nano website for their full Spring line. We know you’ll love their variety of pieces for babies, girls and boys!


IMG_4206DSC_0240DSC_0218IMG_4245victorfox_xo_white_1024x1024Alia & Danielle

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