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ABC’s With Kenzie & Shayne

DSC_0302Who else has toddlers that are addicted to books? Between the two of us we have 4 of them. Story time is one of our favorite times of the day. With all the rainy weather this last few months we’ve been stuck inside doing a lot more indoor play and a whole lot more story time. Read Your Story makes the sweetest personalized ABC book with your little one’s face inserted into the characters throughout the book.

DSC_0327Piper knows all her letters and loves teaching them to Kenzie. Even though we had the book made for Kenzie, with her photo inside, both the girls love looking at the pictures and finding the letters in the alphabet. It is the sweetest thing to walk into the room and see her ‘reading’ ABC’s With Kenzie. Every time Kenzie sees her face in the book she points and says “baby!” She has no idea it’s her and it is adorable! Piper was literally jumping up and down excited to see her sissy’s face in the story book.

IMG_4320Shayne definitely recognizes her face incorporated in the pages of her personalized book, ABC’s With Shayne, and loves it!


IMG_4310These are the sweetest books and would make a perfect gift for your little one! Maybe the Easter Bunny needs a little inspiration?


victorfox_xo_white_1024x1024Alia & Danielle

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