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Four and a Half! :: with Mac & Mia

Mac & Mia Style Box ::

cece465a-1f90-456a-8b08-5bbbbb5da496This newly 4.5 year old is the cutest little thing! She is also insanely picky when it comes to clothing. She doesn’t like pants in general and jeans are out of the question. Seams bug her and sitting in her carseat with anything other then a dress she can pull over her seat belt is out of the question. We heard about  Mac & Mia and decided to give it a try, just in time for Piper’s 1/2 birthday. Camille, our stylist, had her work cut out for her with my list of “will not wears”. Everything she sent us to try was absolutely adorable, unique, and perfectly soft for my picky little mini me. I hate to admit it but I was the same exact way as a kid. I even wore my socks inside out because I hated the seams. I guess it’s karma getting back at me for being a difficult child. Sorry mom and dad, I feel for you now!

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All the outfits in this post were sent in our box from Mac & Mia. Some pieces are a bit more money then I’d usually spend on kids clothing but Piper loves them all and Kenzie will get all her hand-me-downs, making it easier for me to stomach spending a little extra on quality clothing that will last for our 2 girls. Plus its all so so cute! Items range from $14 – $53 and I’m pretty much obsessed with them. If you like what you see use THIS LINK for a $20 merchandise credit to get you started! I can’t wait to see what they send next time we are in need of some kid clothes! I’m tempted to order another box right now!

THIS IS 4.5 :: Piper Leanne

Yesterday Piper turned 4.5 and we celebrate 1/2 birthdays in our house… for our girls anyway…with a dessert of choice and a date to the park. We started the tradition when Piper turned 2.5 because her sister was about to be born and we wanted to do something special for P when she was still an only child. The tradition stuck, and now we make the day as special as we can. This year we even went out to an early breakfast before taking Piper to school. Pat asked me this morning, when we will stop celebrating half birthdays, and I wasn’t sure how to answer… I’m 34 and am in no means excited for 35, so celebrating 34 & 1/2 will never happen. I guess it’ll be when the kids are no longer excited to get older? When do you stop saying and-a-half? I can’t remember, 7 years old, 8?

I was 3 months late with Piper’s 4 year old update and am making it up to myself by being timely on her half birthday. Yay me! haha


Piper really is a sweetheart. She never ceases to amaze me with her advanced vocabulary and attention to detail. Not only does she use large words, she can give you the definition or a simile to explain herself, proving she really knows what she is talking about. Some of her latest words that baffled me were: capable, exhausting, illiterate and accomplished.

She taught me all about Chinese New Year, her 5 senses and Martin Luther King recently and she’s learning to read small 3 letter sight words. The amount of information a four year old can retain amazes me every day. She soaks up everything anyone ever says around her even when you think she isn’t listening. (That’s a reminder to be careful what you say around kids!)

Piper has so much love and patience for her little sister and a heart of gold.

A little bit more about Piper:

  • Favorite color: still purple but she has added red and pink to the list.
  • Favorite animal: Penguin
  • Favorite thing to do: “My favorite thing to do is play with my sister.”
  • Favorite thing to play: Family
  • Favorite food: Raspberries
  • Best friends: “Maddie, Samantha, Paisley, Molly and my sister and my daddy and you, mama.”
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A Doctor (she is deathly afraid of shots so we’ll see how that works out!)
  • She loves to copy words by writing them down on paper and draws all day long. Beading, playing with snails (yuck, I know), and doing cartwheels are also high on her list.
  • She’s got some sass to her personality and is definitely a mamas girl.

She’s my little cutie, with a little sass, temper, picky beyond belief, sweet as can be, smart and spunky. I wouldn’t change a thing.



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10 thoughts on “Four and a Half! :: with Mac & Mia

  1. These photos are amazing. Piper is so expressive! And she’s modeling those clothes like a pro! That service sounds awesome too.

    Also you were a super picky kid! I remember how you hated those sock seams 😉

  2. She is adorable and looks precious in each outfit, but how could she not? She IS adorable! As for the sass, did she get a bit of that from Corinnabelle?? She had sass overload! You two lit up the world, not just the room, when you walked in…Piper’s continuing the traditions. XoxoX

    • Thanks so much Debora! I think she gets the sass from watching My Little Pony but I’m terrible at saying no to her!
      You made my day with the sweetest comment EVER. Thank you so much! Miss seeing you!

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