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George & Georgette Mismatch Style

Happy Friday you guys! I’ve got an especially fun Friday Favorite for you today! Can we take a minute to talk about the CUTEST toddler shoes I’ve ever seen?! Kenzie and her little bestie Shayne received these adorable sneakers from George & Georgette, what makes them so cute? Every pair is purposely mismatched!


When I was in middle school I’d wear 2 different socks to school every single day. It was silly but it was my thing. These shoes remind me of being a kid and having fun with wearing whatever you wanted, being unique in your own way and your parents encouraging it.

George & Georgette was formed by twin sisters, Christelle and Daphné from Brussels. It’s a really cute story you should go read it on their site.  I’m big on shopping small and spending money that gives back in some way. Chis and Daph mainly hire people in need and encourage random acts of kindness with their program Walk In My Shoes. Here’s to good people in this world!


Kenzie’s shoes HERE and Shayne’s shoes HERE. I also love THESE and THESE.


George & Georgette is being so generous and giving our readers 30% off any purchase. Use code 2BLONDEMAMAS at checkout. 



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