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Friday Favorites :: Woven Pear

I think all my little quicks originate from childhood. I was the pickiest when it came to clothing. I wouldn’t wear jeans because they were too uncomfortable and wore my socks (usually mismatched) inside out, I couldn’t stand the feel of the seams on my toes. Unfortunately for me my 4-year-old daughter is following in my footsteps being extra sensitive to clothing …I know I deserve it but oh my goodness is it a pain! I’m sorry mom and dad!

I’m still picky when it comes to my socks, and luckily, I found the best solution; good, quality, comfy, seamless, somewhat silly, very FUN SOCKS from Woven Pear.

My feet grew and I grew up, I earned my BFA in Fashion Design. As a designer, I love things that are a little out of the ordinary, Woven Pear is just that. I don’t think I own one pair of white socks and Woven Pear doesn’t make them. They have an array of fun exciting patterns that are everything but ordinary. They even have a sock subscription! You receive 3 pairs of surprise socks that you can’t get anywhere else each month. The sock container in my closet is overflowing with the cutest socks, I love every pair, and must admit I have way too many but can’t bring myself to cancel my subscription. I’m kind of addicted!

If only they made socks for picky 4 year olds all our sock related problems would be solved! For now both my girls can play in mine. 🙂

So… if you need a fun gift for a friend, your mom, grandma, neighbor or for your own feet Woven Pear just might be the perfect little something. Use code SAVERS10 for 10% off any order at Woven Pear.

Woven Pear Sock Box

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