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And Now You Are Two :: Sweet Kenzie Jean

Dear Kenzie,

Every year goes a little bit faster then the last. Each year you grow older, I do too, and I discover more and more that you and your sister are my reason for being, you are my everything. I can barely remember my life without children and life without 2 of them is just a blur…

Today is your second birthday. Two years have flown by much to fast.

I want to bottle up your sweetness and keep it close to my heart. Your manners are impeccable, saying thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me and please without ever having to be asked. Your hugs and kisses make my heart melt and when I hear your voice I can’t help but smile. I’m proud of you for so many reasons.

At two you are saying three, sometimes four, words in a row, learning at least 10 new ones per day, you know how to sign the ABC’s, and are almost fully potty-trained. It is the cutest how you add a “y” to the end of every word, nicknaming your sister, Pipe-y, and asking for milky in the morning or to go out for a walk-y.

The daredevil in you is overpowering the princess but both traits are strong. I find you climbing on top of the kitchen table often and you are always asking to go faster and drive all by yourself. You want all the accessories; crowns, necklaces, fairy wings and tutus. “I do it myself” comes out of your mouth 17 times or more a day.  You are definitely a second child because you get away with so much more then Piper did when she was your age.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse are your favorite characters. You have the books Duck and Goose, Goose Needs a Hug and Moo, Baa, LaLaLa memorized. At bedtime you have to have your turquoise star blanket, 2 pacifiers (which you call “Gappy’s”) and 2 books.

At two you are the sweetest thing and I am enjoying every second with you. You are so squeezable, your squishy hugs are a feeling I never want to forget. You are probably easier then your sister, but don’t ever tell her I said that.

Two will be an amazing year and you will only get more creative, independent and adorable each passing day.

Happy birthday sweet girl. I love you more then ever.

alia (Mama)

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