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For Father’s Day

In our house we don’t do big gifts for Father’s Day, instead we do everything we can to make daddy feel special and loved a little extra on the day dedicated to him.  After all he does everything he can for our family and takes his job as dada very seriously, it doesn’t take money to show him how much he is loved and appreciated.

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Definition of Father’s Day

  1. :  the third Sunday in June appointed for the honoring of fathers

    • father, dad, daddy, dada, dadda

Our girls love their dad more then the world. Kenzie is our biggest daddy’s girl, she runs to him for comfort and jumps up and down when she finds out it’s the weekend, meaning daddy will be home all day long. Piper loves to tackle him and ‘surprise’ him from behind corners throughout the house. She’s also very into riding her quad with daddy by her side. It’s all about the power of wheels with those two.

Daddy's Girls

The girls are excited to plan out a fun, relaxing day filled with uncountable hugs and kisses, breakfast made by Piper, a picture we worked on together, and a beach day complete with relaxing and sand castle making.

The Gift(s):

Uncountable hugs and kisses, I’m pretty sure this is what daddy wants most.

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Breakfast made by the kids:

Piper is only 4, and Kenzie just turned 2, so breakfast has to be simple and still yummy. Piper picked Golden Grahams with a side of strawberries for Daddy’s Father’s Day breakfast.

2017-06-06 18.14.58

Did you know you can make some Pinterest worthy recipes with Golden Grahams?! I’d never even thought of it but omg what a great idea! For a little inspiration check out some of these yummy ideas!

The Rest:

Posting up on a nice spot on the beach with a big blanket and a picnic lunch watching the girls play in the sand with a few great friends sound like the perfect day and not just for dad but for the whole family!

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th!

What will your family be doing to make the dad(s) in your life feel special?



10 thoughts on “For Father’s Day

  1. Daddies are their daughters best friends for life!
    I haven’t had Golden Grahams in so long – you’ve made me crave them!

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