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A Day at Disney’s California Adventure


2016-11-15-15-39-33Can I just start by telling you that Disney’s California Adventure is perfect for toddlers! We took the girls for Piper’s 4th birthday gift. The first day was spent at Disneyland you can read about it HERE and the second day at California Adventure. As a kid I went to Disneyland with my family almost every summer (I was a very lucky girl, I know!) but California Adventure was a first for all 4 of us. It was much less busy then Disneyland and had plenty of rides for both girls to go on.


Meeting characters was a highlight throughout our trip. Piper LOVED giving hugs and simply seeing them walk around the park. Just look at that face! Kenzie was terrified of them if she got too close but I’m not surprised by that one bit. If you are headed to Disneyland or California Adventure make sure to download the Disneyland App on your cell phone it shows you where the characters are at all times of the day and how long you’ll have to wait in line to see them.


Un-birthday gifts were always a thing in my family growing up. Maybe it was because my 2 siblings and I were all so close in age that my parents didn’t want us to feel left out, or maybe they just liked seeing our faces when we got a gift we loved. I’m not sure, but because of the tradition my family had when I was a child, I’ve adopted it for my girls and so Piper’s birthday gift became a gift for the whole family and one I’ll always remember. I’m hoping Piper was old enough to remember her first trip to Disney and will hold it close to her heart, I know I will!


California Adventure is much mellower the Disneyland. We got there pretty much right when the park opened and it felt empty compared to the day before at Disneyland. Meaning NO LINES!! Until about 11:30am anyway. We stuck to all the kid rides that didn’t have hight restraints but there are a lot of them!



We gave this girl a map and she thought she knew everything! It was pretty cute.


We kept a close eye on the Disneyland App for wait times on all the rides. With 2 toddlers waiting in line for more then 15 minutes did not sound appealing at all. With the help of the App we didn’t go in any line that was over 10 minutes long. With one exception, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, the line was long but it was worth the wait. The sliding gondolas put a new spin on a traditional ferris wheel. In every line these two were hugging, holding hands and giggling, so excited to get their turn.


A Bug’s Land is made to make you feel like a bug. These clovers with Christmas lights were towering over us, it was really cool!


Piper got some alone time with Daddy on the Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies in A Bug’s Land, this was the only ride Kenzie was too small for. P was excited to be tall enough so she could have her dada all to herself for a little bit.








Sisters in Minnie Mouse Ears.


…because no trip to Disney is complete without Minnie ears and costumes, we had to buy the ears (and had to only because I insisted on it) but brought Piper’s costume from home to save ourselves from spending a crazy amount on one at the park. Piper is slightly obsessed with Ariel, and she’s never even seen The Little Mermaid! She was so thrilled to go on King Triton’s Carousel and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.



We made sure to get to the park early so we could leave for nap time, take a break and eat some food off site. When we got back it was a little more crowded but there were also a lot more shows to see along the parade route. Princess Elena, the newest Disney Princess, preformed a couple songs with a whole crew of dancers, we saw Minnie and Mickey put on a show with the whole club house squad, and the light show on the water was amazing. Seriously, a perfect trip. We were sad when it came to an end and can’t wait to go back! And because Piper didn’t get to meet Ariel this time we just might have to go back soon!


The best part of the entire trip was the smiles on these faces and being together. Just family and a whole lotta fun!


For a list of tips for Disney with toddlers head HERE.

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