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Exploring Home :: Hollister Hills



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Travel has always been one of my biggest passions. Exploring parts of the world with different cultures, views, art, people, architecture and nature, sometime I forget to look into my own backyard and take in how beautiful it is right here in Northern California.

My husband is a big dirt bike rider and has been trying to convince me to get the girls on a quad or mini dirt bikes with training wheels since the day each of them was born. Last Christmas we compromised with a Power Wheels Quad that goes like 5mph. I was skeptical at first, they are still pretty little, but they both love that thing so much and it’s teaching them both skills I didn’t even think about, like hand eye coordination, steering and control.

According to Pat, Hollister Hills is one of the best dirt bike/quad park in California, they also have hiking trails we love to walk. Piper has been asking to go riding with her daddy ever since she got her quad. It took a while but we finally made it happen.  It had to be the cutest thing ever. The girls rode around in the dirt parking lot and Pat went in and out of the track and along side them. Piper and Kenzie took turns driving, although Piper has to push Kenzie’s foot with hers to reach the petal since she’s too small to do it on her own.

Watching daddy ride around one of the tracks and cheering him on was a highlight for both girls. There is something so calming about Hollister Hills, even with the sounds of dirt bikes in the air, maybe its the big open sky or being in the hills surrounded by nature… We are going to try to accompany Pat more often for short rides after the work day. We all had a lot of fun and ended the evening with a picnic dinner. The best part was everyone went home happy.

I hate to admit it but we may just have two little dirt bike dare devils some day after all.


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