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Monterey Zoo :: Feeding Elephants

Who would have known you could feed elephants at a small little zoo in Salinas, CA?!

Monterey Zoo is a hidden gem in Northern California. They are in the process of creating new habitats to house all of their rescued animals from around the world, from retired performing elephants to crocodiles that were found in someones house as “pets”(!!!!), I can’t help but think what the…were those people thinking?! All of the animals are getting a better life at Monterey Zoo.

Our family went here to tour the zoo but we were especially intrigued by the opportunity to feed elephants. It was an amazing experience that made me feel so small. Our girls both loved it even though they were a little intimidated by the size of the elephants, and as always Kenzie was a bit braver then Piper.

We can’t wait to go back when the girls are a little bigger, the zoo has a safari style bed and breakfast on property that sounds amazing, where the elephants serve you breakfast in the morning! Children have to be 4 years old to stay so we’ve got a couple years to wait but once Kenzie is old enough we will be there to experience it for ourselves!

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