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Who Says Trucks Are Just For Boys?

I feel blessed to live in this space and time when strict gender norms are less of a thing than ever before. Where girls can play with trucks and boys can play with dolls if they choose to. I know this isn’t the case across the world, or even the country, but in my little bubble within California I don’t feel judgment when my youngest daughter gravitates towards all the “boy toys” in the toy store, and for that I am thankful. I wish the world could be as accepting of all children and their preferences, whether it be trucks vs. dolls, pink vs. blue,  or something greater like transgender proclivity.

Give a young girl a toy tractor to play with and see what happens…

IMG_4941When I gave my two daughters their new John Deere Deluxe Lightning Wheels Tractor (which will hit store shelves soon!) they immediately started pushing it around with confidence and pride. Their attitudes changed, and they loved every second spent with that tractor. It put a smile on my face seeing them so happy.


Kenzie has a fascination with anything with wheels that goes fast. Add some lights and sound effects and she’s entertained for hours. This particular John Deere Tractor from TOMY is extra fun. It has motion activated sounds, and the wheels light up and change color as it rolls across the floor.


I’m all for trucks for girls and putting a stop to labeling toys as girls toys or boys toys; because for me, there is no such thing. Let them be little and let them make the choice on their own what they want to play with. I believe letting children use their voice from a young age will help shape them into strong independent individuals. Trucks or dolls alike…

and the world would be an entirely different place if everyone shared this view.


IMG_4939This post was sponsored by TOMY and as always all opinions are my own, thank you for supporting 2 Blonde Mamas. xoxo



5 thoughts on “Who Says Trucks Are Just For Boys?

  1. I’ve always hated the idea that trucks are ‘boy’ toys. In fact, I hate the term “boy toys,” and “girl toys.” They’re just toys! My daughter LOVES superheroes and my son loves playing with the kitchen set! LOL

  2. My girl is surrounded by “boy” toys because of her older brother. She loves them! I see no reason to go out and buy her a pink toy instead!

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