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Beach Life :: One Month in Santa Cruz

IMG_5369photo courtesy of  Danielle Wahlstrom

Before too much time gets away from me (and it always does) I wanted to get my 800 photos of our month in Santa Cruz up on here so I have them all organized in one spot and anyone who wants to can get a feel of what life is like by the water in one of the sweetest beach towns in California.IMG_2722 2

I’m seriously considering uprooting my family and buying a tiny little place in Santa Cruz so we can live by the water and put our toes in the sand on a daily basis. We only live about 45 minutes away from the ocean, and my in-laws are currently living in there; which is the reason we got to take over their picture perfect home while they traveled throughout their second homeland, Ireland (they are duel citizens).

IMG_2713 2I am lucky enough to work at home so I worked during the week at their house, ending each day a little early for evening sand castle building, walks on the beach and dinners with a view.


Pat and I decided to take a little time off work and extended our weekends making it more of a vacation then just house sitting. We invited our closest friends to come stay and relax with us while our kids played together seamlessly.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetphoto courtesy of Jaime Hearts Photography

IMG_2756 2

The boardwalk is always on our list, we ended up there 3 different times throughout our stay and each time was more fun then the last. Starting with a rainy day and ending in nothing but sunshine. We even took both girls on the Log Ride! Despite their faces they both loved it. As soon as we slowed down Kenzie started crying asking for “more again!”

IMG_2558 2

IMG_2800 2There is something calming about the ocean air. I’m not sure it would be the same if we lived there premaritally but we had the most enjoyable, relaxing, and fun time during our month in Santa Cruz.

And here are my billion photos from our adventures:

Beach Days…


and Beach Nights…


Time with Daddy…

2017-06-18 18.27.172017-06-18 18.30.412017-06-18 18.30.342017-06-18 18.28.192017-06-18 18.27.50

And time with friends…



2017-06-18 08.47.03

And of course weekly trips to The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk…



3 separate trips! The first time it rained so we had an excuse to come back. The 3rd time we had a few dollars left on our pass so why not?! As long as you get to the Boardwalk early enough it’s not too crowded and worth the smiles you get on those cute little faces!

and time just lazing about at the house…

IMG_23442017-06-15 15.36.35

It was perfect! Well almost perfect…we could have done without the trip to the ER from Kenzie splitting her eyebrow open on the coffee table… on our 7 year anniversary. But other then that, PERFECT.

If you made it through ALL these photos you deserve a prize. haha. Thanks for following along on our journey!



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