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Retrain Your Brain For Success :: Brain-A-Thon

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img_5920I was asked to watch a Brain-A-Thon put together by John Assaraf, a leading behavioral and mindset expert. I had no idea what a Brain-A-Thon was so I was intrigued. I’m trying to teach my children to be responsible with money at a young age so that quality will stick with them once they become adults and to believe in themselves that they can do whatever they want in life as long as they have the right mindset and believe in theirselves. I figured watching this webinar could not only help me mold my children but also teach me a thing or two about the human brain and what I may be able to do with my life beyond what I’m already am accomplishing.

My husband and I are always talking amongst each other that we want our kids to learn that saving money now will help them out so much in the future. Paying for big purchase items won’t be such a burden if they are trained to save a little each time they get a little money. My grandpa always told me to break money into thirds, bill paying money, saving money, and fun spending money. It’s a concept that doesn’t resonate with the kids just yet. Although putting all those pennies in their piggy banks does bring them gratification. Training them early might be difficult but I believe its very important.


The basic concept of the Brain-A-Thon is to retrain your brain to align with your goals and dreams in means of financial freedom. Do have a can do attitude. Stop saying you are not going to do something and focus on what you are going to do to change things. Stop being so negative on yourself by erasing limiting beliefs and bad habits from your brain. I think this concept could be used in so many things in life, not just for financial aspects; parenting, marriage, all those daydreams of becoming an actress, designer, author or a newscaster…it’s the theory I firmly believe in, put your heart and soul into something, don’t give up and you can make it happen. It’s all about you dedicating yourself to whatever it is you want to be successful at.

“Success Tip: Plan. Act. Review. Tweak. Repeat. If you’re serious about living your dreams and achieving your goals there’s no better time than right NOW – you can have it all.”

It’s an interesting concept. They have many success stories with people obtaining their financial goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the next  Brain-A-Thon there is a Free LIVE  Webinar on Oct 7th 2017, 9am-5pm PST.  head HERE to sign up.  I hope you learn something new that will help you move in the right direction of your personal goals.



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