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Kiss Proof Color :: LipSense Review

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I first heard about this magical kiss proof lipstick months ago and thought, “there’s no such thing…” Every time I’ve heard about a kiss proof lip color I buy it, try it, and am disappointed when it smears onto my wine glass, my girls cheeks or my husbands lips.

LipSense is different! It actually stays on your lips for hours without having to reapply it and it doesn’t kiss off or smudge onto your drinking glass. I’m so happy to have found this magical lip color, it’s changed me from the girl who’s lipstick has probably already worn off before arriving at the event, to the girl who always has a pop of color on my lips. Seriously, ladies, this stuff is amazing.

2017-11-10 11.18.45

Color Luv It & Glossy

I will admit at first I was a little weary of it. The concept is amazing, and it actually works, but I will warn you, you need a remover to take it off and it smells a bit like nail polish while you are putting it on. I did a bunch of research to make sure that it was safe to put on my lips and came to the conclusion there is no harm in it. The first time I watched a tutorial on how to put it on, there is a process, now I’m hooked. On date nights I can actually kiss my husband with bright red LipSense on which is a definite win in my book!

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color Blu-Red & Glossy

Want to try it for yourself? Head over to Red Gate Beauty to order your first color and gloss! Let me know what you think!




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