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The Solution to Hardwood :: Bona Mops Review




You know you are an adult when you get really excited about finding the perfect hardwood floor mop!

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We recently bought our very first house, my husband and I had been saving for years to make the biggest purchase of our lives and we did it! We are more than excited to have a place to call our own. After living here for a couple months, I noticed how difficult it was to keep all the hardwood flooring clean! Our last home was carpeted throughout, having the entire downstairs a combination of hardwood and tile in our new home is a huge change when it comes to cleaning.bona mop 5

Collectively my husband and I tried all sorts of methods to keep the hardwood floors looking their best. When we received our next generation Bona Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaning Solution we were so excited to have found our solution! When paired together it works wonders! All this floor needs the largest base plate in the industry a 16.75″ mop head with rubberized corners making cleaning in our busy household faster than ever! And for all the tile the same mop can be used with Bona’s Tile & Laminate Cleaner. The best part might just be that the mop pad is machine washable so there is nothing wasteful about using the Bona family of mops.

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We have 2 girls, girls that are constantly rolling on the floor and I hate to admit it but our youngest sometimes even licks it…don’t judge, she’s two… for that reason having cleaning products that are GREENGUARD GOLD certificated is very important and Bona products meet our needs.

Who else gets super excited when they find a great cleaning solution?

bona mop 2Visit the BonaFide Fanatics page on their website, to sign up to be a BonaFide Fanatic and receive free shipping plus $5 off of a mop!



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